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About MY ART

The Collective Truth

The right of passage for any creative is founded on being present to the experiences of our respective lives and daring to use this as a stimulus to explore various artistic mediums to capture the essence of our interpretation in any form we deem suitable to express. 

Art is simple, yet complex, containing any number of components that lend to being many of the elements that evoke the viewer to overlay their relatability to its existence. A cacophony of descriptives felt, breathing new life while broadening the interpretation of the piece into infinite variances. It is this aspect which I find poetic and extremely satisfying. 

My pieces are intentionally stylized through the celebration of diversity. Thank you for joining me on this journey.

2022 2022

Jan - AprilThe Collective
AugustExclusive Access
November10K Collection - Launched
DecemberCommunity Mindfulness

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I am super proud of my 1st Collaboration, done with the amazing “I’m Frank” crew. It took us a couple of weeks to work through some iterations of the design before we settled on Disco Frank. He is a limited edition, short run that is minted on opensea. Take note of the personal touch of a Truth Tattoo.

If you are a fan of all things Frankenstein you really should check out their ‘I’m Frank’ and “The Bride” collections. The artist in residence is a UK based creative who like me has a real soft spot for all things Frankie. The two partners in crime known on discord as GB Artist and Techy Frank commenced their NFT journey in 2021 and have been steadily building a fantastic fan base.

Below are some examples of the NFT’s I have purchased that showcases their work.  They are an awesome duo who I have enjoyed getting to know. The ‘I’m Frank’ is a 10K NFT series while The Bride is a limited release series of rare chicks. If you ask nicely GB Artist might even create some custom touches to your Bride. 

2023 2023


Artististry in perpetual motion - teaming up with creative partners to release a unique NFT collection.

If you are an established artist who is keen to break into the NFT space then I’m open to speaking with you about potentially launching something special together. 

My plan is to review the all artist submissions between now and the end of Dec 2022. Once I have selected two collaborators, I’ll make the announcement over my social media and on this website in January 2023.

I’m a dedicated creator so I would like to collaborate with individuals who have a solid work ethic and can stick to a deadline. Any artist from any style is welcome to ask to be considered, there are no restrictions. The artist(s) selected will join forces with me to create a unique collection.

Send me an email ( with a request to be considered.

Title: 2023 NFT Collaboration Submission

Body of the email:

Your full name

A way to contact you

What type of artist you are

Outline your collaboration pitch / idea(s)

If you have a weblink to your portfolio of work send this through. 

The collaborator and I will agree on the number of pieces that will be jointly created, the timelines and what platform the NFT’s will be released on.

Tentatively the timelines planned are: 


Jan – Announce the collaboration winner(s) and the project.

Feb to Apr – Create the collection.

May – Release the NFT Collaboration.

If I have selected more than one artist then another collaboration may be released at the latter part of the year.

Collaboration Poetry Music Film Painting Drawing Photography Sculpture Textiles

The exciting part about NFT’s is that there is no limit to what can be created and minted. Our unencumbered minds can indulge in the freedom that comes with having endless possibilities.

Join the movement.

It is handy if you know how to use a computer but that is not critical. Don’t let your lack of tech knowledge be the reason to hold you back from your submission. If you are one of the artists invited to collaborate, we can work something out. 

Life is an adventure Connect & create

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